Creative Components - unique sights, sounds and resources
We help performers
and organizations 

What is it YOU need today?  
Can't hit that high note for your audition?  
Can't get the rhythm right on that piano solo?  
Do you have a show - but need a set designer?   
So you need an 1850's grey suit, cravat,  
matching hat and button-up shoes?  

Darleen & the Creative Components team offer classes, private lessons & worskshops with a unique approach to 
  • SIGHTS   (scenic artist, sets, props, costumes) 
  • SOUND     (voice, piano, monologues, band, tech)
  • RESOURCES (over 1000 costumes & props)

in cooperation with schools, studios, churches, home-schools, preschools, camps and other local programs. 


We don't produce our own shows.
We strive to enhance and support
existing programs.....

local arts programs 
community theaters  
churches and schools 
musical theater events 

suceed and grow!


Creative Components 
focuses on high-quality work & client satisfaction. 
With so many options, we do everything we can 
to meet your expectations - and more! 

The Components are
INDIVIDUAL component = private lessons, personal coaching & audition prep in piano, voice, acting, guitar, bass & drums

THEATRICAL component = Direction, Casting, Blocking, Stage Manager,  Choreography, Training for Sound, Lights or Scenic Art (set pieces, painting effects, props & procedures)
DESIGN component =  Set Design, Stage Dressing, Staging, Scenic Design,  Murals, Kid’s Rooms in homes,  church or  preschool

TECHNICAL component = Training students/volunteers on site for Sound, Lighting & backstage work - even Stage Managers!

PERFORMANCE component =  recitals, concerts & performance series ("Caught in the Act" summer acting program and Scene Study series) ClipArts classes during the school year, Tulare Adult Dance, etc.... 

 PHYSICAL Properties component =            
Creative Component's Closet or in the Creative Components Prop Shop

WORSHIP component =  teams & bands for local churches we provide vocal/instrumental training, lyric study & musicianship

PRESCHOOL component = We place Music Educators in the classroom once a week for developmental singing, rhythm instruments, dance & silly songs in class & at home.  


Disney's High
School Musical
Left & Below: 
Jennifer McGill

Above:   Oliver,  Godspel, Wizard of Oz and The cast of The King and I
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